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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

300 - The End of Late Nite JengaJam

In November of 2006, a man had a dream. A dream to put an mp3 of himself talking to his friends on an RSS feed. For the last six and a quarter years, I've been living this dream, and I've gotten to talk to a lot of cool people, travel to some cool places, and do some cool things.

The thing is, JengaJam was always only the first step. The proving ground where I'd learn how to interview and put a show together. The next steps begin with a new name, a new site, and a lot of other new things.

Sunday, February 24th, we look back at six years of JengaJam moments, hear from some guests, and count down the best JengaJam moments of all time. We'll also finally be unveiling the new name of our podcast, which is just the tip of the iceberg from an announcement standpoint.

It all kicks off at 9pm Eastern time with an extra, half hour sized "This Week in Geek", to catch up on all we've missed.

Late Nite JengaJam: For the last time.